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This future project aims to provide parenting support to help mothers to develop skills for caring, attaching and communicating with their child. Its goal is to assist women in forming a social and support network.    



This project will be carried out by a social worker primarily from the EFRAT offices and initially will be geared towards mothers identified as being 'at risk'. These may include mothers who are raising their children alone, dealing with illness in the family and those who have a limited support network. Fathers' involvement in parenting support will be welcomed.

The social worker will identify services around the country, helping mothers to access these as relevant to her needs. Facilities may include groups and services within community centers, well baby clinics and government and non-government agencies. The social worker will also support women in finding opportunities to meet other mothers.  

The project will include developing a bank of reliable online resources, to support parents' independent access to accurate and useful information.

Telephone support will be available via a hotline or on an appointment basis to meet individual needs. This will allow for troubleshooting of parenting challenges, counseling support, guidance about developing a child's early skills etc.