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This future project aims to support women in accessing vocational training and entering the workforce, helping them to develop self-worth and financial independence.



This project will be established and managed by a social worker and an administrator, initially creating clear eligibility criteria and guidelines for participant selection. During the development stage, the team will locate training centers and courses around the country that provide relevant training. A system for vocational testing will be set up and government and non-government agencies with applicable benefits and services will be identified.

EFRAT aims to offer vocational training opportunities to 30 women in the first year. Childcare vouchers will be provided for each woman over an 18 month period to enable her to study and then enter or re-enter the workforce following the birth of her child.

Support will be provided throughout the process, involving: vocational testing to identify strengths and choice of vocation,  identifying an appropriate training course, advocacy support to access benefits, assistance to maintain commitment to the chosen course and support to seek a suitable job.

A flexible budget may also be made available on approval from EFRAT's funding committee for uses such as: childcare for other children in the family, after-school programs, salary compensation etc.

Vocational Training