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Ensuring effective recruitment, induction, training and supervision of volunteers.



Potential volunteers are interviewed to ensure that they have the relevant personal and professional skills, commitment and availability. Women volunteer for EFRAT from a diverse range of backgrounds, some themselves have received EFRAT's assistance and would like to support other women in a similar way. Most volunteers are female, however EFRAT has a few male volunteers who offer support to partners when required.

New volunteers receive initial training and induction with a high level of supervision provided for initial cases. As new volunteers gain experience, they are added to the volunteer pool for case allocation. The volunteer coordinator carefully and sensitively matches the right volunteer to each woman.

EFRAT's bank of volunteers also includes professionals who volunteer their time and expertise. Among these are: breastfeeding advisors, doulas, psychologists, lawyers, life coaches and social workers. Professional volunteers are linked to women who have specific need for their service.

Volunteers are invited to a yearly half day of training. This gives an opportunity for volunteers to meet each other and for EFRAT to show appreciation for their tremendous contribution.  

Volunteer Program