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Providing women with practical support on the arrival of their baby and throughout the first two years of the baby’s life.



EFRAT considers individual financial circumstances and based on clear guidelines and criteria, is able to provide the following support:
YAD CHAVA BABY EQUIPMENT - Immediately after a baby's birth, EFRAT delivers essential furniture and equipment to the mother’s home in locations throughout Israel, giving mothers peace of mind regarding their baby's immediate needs. This includes a crib, mattress, stroller (a double-stroller if required) and a baby bath. YAD CHAVA was initially established in the memory of Chava Rafaella Kramer-Miller A"H by her parents Mr. and Mrs. Jean Claude and Debbie Miller of Antwerp, Belgium.

BABY KIT - EFRAT supplies a mother with essential supplies for her newborn baby. This kit includes: crib linen and blanket set, clothing (this will include seasonal clothing and may include hat, socks and coat), diapers, wipes, muslins, pacifiers, pacifier clip, bottles and bottle cleaner.

MONTHLY BABY PACKAGE - EFRAT provides diapers and wipes until the baby's second birthday, removing a large financial burden from the mother's shoulders. If breastfeeding is not possible, EFRAT can supply baby formula on a monthly basis for the first year.

MONTHLY FAMILY FOOD PACKAGE – When needed EFRAT provides families with a monthly food package. The package contains staple products for a family including a variety of packaged and canned food items. Packages are assembled in EFRAT's warehouse and delivered to locations all over the country.

Postnatal Family Support