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Absolutely! In addition to the provision of postnatal family support, women can access personal counseling, prenatal medical consultation and assistance in accessing rights.

Women generally contact EFRAT after hearing about the organization via word of mouth or through widespread publicity. When a women turns to EFRAT, a social worker welcomes her with an initial discussion. They talk about her personal situation and what support she feels that she requires.

EFRAT does not receive any government funding. It is an independent non-profit organization which is funded fully through the support and generosity of private donors and foundations. Raising awareness about EFRAT's work is therefore critical as the funds that are raised literally keep services running.

EFRAT has been privileged to help over 71,000 women since the organization was formally established in the 1977. This is a staggering number and means that over 71,000 women have been empowered and supported in their choice to continue their pregnancy and keep their baby.

EFRAT's services are not limited by location. EFRAT's services are available to women throughout more than 225 towns and cities across Israel. We support significant numbers of women in both the north and south of the country and have volunteers located in every region.

Of course! We would be very happy to welcome you at EFRAT's headquarters in Jerusalem which is located in the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood. Visitors have found it an eye opening experience to see EFRAT's offices and visit the warehouse. For a first-hand experience of some of EFRAT's day to day operations call +972-2 545 4500 to arrange a guided tour. EFRAT welcomes groups into its warehouse on a regular basis. A group may like to come for a tour or to hear a talk and view a video about EFRAT's work. Groups may choose to volunteer in the warehouse, packing boxes for delivery around the country. In this way it is possible to become active partners in EFRAT's work and learn about its activities first hand.

EFRAT runs many of its support services with the invaluable help of trained volunteers who are committed to their role in helping women in need. Volunteers are generally Hebrew speaking and are selected based on their relevant personal and professional skills, commitment and availability. Due to the delicate nature of this client group, mainly female volunteers are accepted. If you are interested in finding out more about volunteering opportunities, please contact EFRAT's chief social worker, Ruth Tidhar on 02-545-4500. Alternatively if you are interested in volunteering in the warehouse, please call Gidon Levy, EFRAT's warehouse manager on +972-2 545 4500 to arrange a visit.

There are so many ways that you can work with us at EFRAT. Spread the word! Like our Facebook page and share it with your friends! Host a local fundraising event! Come to visit us in Jerusalem or use this webpage to donate to EFRAT's projects! We value every friend and supporter who would like to partner with us and we always welcome new ideas! Please do not hesitate to contact us with further questions.