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Who was Efrat? The Midrash tells us that Efrat was Miriam.

Who was Miriam? 

Miriam was the sister of Aaron and Moses. A courageous woman who attained the supreme spiritual level of prophecy, Miriam was granted an additional name, Efrat, which has the same root as pru v’revu - to populate the world - in recognition of her heroic measures in saving Jewish children from annihilation.

Pharaoh decreed that all male Jewish infants were to be drowned and declared the death penalty to anyone evading his orders. Miriam personally intervened, endangering her own life to save Jewish children from certain death. In addition, she provided the children’s families with all their needs. As a result of her bravery, the Jews continued to multiply and the Jewish nation survived.

We at EFRAT aspire to emulate Efrat’s accomplishments and save the lives of unborn Jewish children. We could not think of a more fitting way to honor Miriam-Efrat’s bravery than through naming our organization in her memory.